it’s just not black and white

DSC_Congo1 (22)Taken in Kinshasa, D R Congo in 2007, this was a spur of the moment shot. One of those situations you suddenly notice and in an instant it says so much to you that can’t be expressed other than by instinctively taking the shot. It’s only later through reflection and learning that the story behind the image emerges.

I’m still not sure what first drew me to the photo potential. Perhaps it was the composition, perhaps the obvious contrast or the expression of the girl on the right. When I later had time to reflect on the photo it was the sense of rejection and exclusion that came through strongly. I think my last post on negativity and the way we build walls in our lives reminded me of this photo in my library. It’s another expression of the potential for cruelty in human nature. It was only after taking this photo that I learned that within some African cultures albinos are very much rejected in society. As ever, the issue of discrimination is much more complex than we would ever believe it to be; it’s just not black and white. And more than that; it’s just not right.

The original photo was shot at 1/640 sec at f9 on a focal length of 300 mm at ISO-500.


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