Café reflections


Reflecting on a moment

I love the way the photos sometimes present themselves when you aren’t really expecting them. They always feel like a gift.

Recently my wife and I were in London for a concert and, as is my habit, I took my camera with me. The day after the concert we went for a bit of a walkabout and ended up in the café at the Tate Modern for some lunch. As we sat there chatting I noticed the reflection on the glass wall. The happy circumstance of this being a reflection is that it made the café sign read properly as it was outward-facing on tbe window opposite. I immediately thought this would make for an interesting shot, so grabbed the camera and went for it.

What I like about this is the sense of story which is created by the couple reflected in the glass. Their positioning suggests a conversation and their mood appears reflective, which is then enhanced by this being an actual reflection. I also like the way that the trees outside have come inside to create a kind of wallpaper effect and the reflections of the lights add to the sense of depth.

This was shot at 1/125 sec at f/5.6 with an ISO of 400 and focal length of 55mm. As ever I shot in RAW and made some initial adjustments in Lightroom before doing some fine tuning in Phototshop to enhance the colours and sharpness.


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