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Offa's Dyke path

Offa’s Dyke

I was on a camping and walking trip recently with an old friend and we completed a round trip incorporating part of Offa’s Dyke and this photo shows part of the dyke on the pathway.

Offa was King of Mercia from 757AD to 796AD and the construction of the dyke is generally credited to him. It is a huge earthwork construction which in its day separated the kingdoms of Mercia, of which Offa was king, and Powys. The dug soil of the earthwork was piled into a bank on the Mercian side and the suggestion is that the dyke may have been constructed as a defensive earthwork, though it may also have been a statement of power.

Although we’re generally not into major earthworks ourselves these days, learning about Offa’s Dyke did make me wonder about the barriers we build in our own lives and to what purpose: to keep people out, thoughts, ideas and privacy in, or to distance ourselves from others in a statement of power. I came to the conclusion, whatever the reason, that such barriers are generally isolating constructions and therefore pretty negative things. So I  have converted the image to negative just to illustrate the point.

For those interested the original photo was shot at 1/200 sec at f8 on a  focal length of 25mm at ISO-100 with the sun virtually directly overhead.